Key Recovery and Life Skills Center helps individuals take control of their lives.

Over the past fifty years, Key Recovery has helped individuals develop healthy behaviors to establish a sustainable recovery.

We believe substance abuse impacts the full family. At Key Recovery we provide treatment to individuals and their children, up to the age of 12.

Our History

Founded in 1968, Key Recovery and Life Skills Center was the first residential drug and alcohol treatment center for substance use disorder in the Puget Sound region. Our founders knew that life long recovery from addiction was dependent on supporting patients emotionally and physically but also practically. For over 50 years we have witnessed countless patients live full, healthy and successful lives through our unique combination of addiction treatment, long-term housing, life skills classes and on-the-job training.

Today Key Recovery is still committed to our patients’ success. Our skilled and credentialed staff focus on trauma-informed, evidence and strength based practices that treat the whole person and family. We are committed to providing a safe, judgement free, encouraging environment using cutting-edge treatment, peer support and 360 degree mental, physical and emotional care.

Key Recovery also offers our patients practical skills as well. Our life and family skill classes allow patient to learn basic daily tasks, such as meal preparation, child care and household duties. For patients who wish to expand their career opportunities we offer on-the-job work training programs designed not to interfere with treatment or group therapy hours.

We believe that substance disorders impact not simply individuals, but entire families as well. We are the only recovery center in the Puget Sound that provides a residential treatment center for families (both mothers and fathers) and their children up to the age of 12,  because at Key we believe that families heal better together.


Key Recovery and Life Skills Center provides long-term residential treatment and aftercare in a safe, supportive, and healthy environment that promotes self-sufficiency, emotional growth, personal accountability, and personal values enhancement. Our staff work together with patients to support their journey through recovery.

Joe Barrett
Interim CEO

Shermoin Clardy, MSW, DEI, SUDPT 
Executive Director of Treatment


Board of Directors

Joe Barrett, President

PJ Marcello, Secretary

Scott Gifford

Monica Ramsey

Jennie Lindberg, LMFT, SUDP

Kelly Moe, HR

Megan Trip, MPH

Aaron MacCoy


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