We help patients break through their pasts and unlock a future filled with opportunity.

Key Recovery and Life Skills Center helps individuals build positive relationships with themselves, their peers, counselors, and family members.

We offer three stages of recovery support: Long-Term Residential, Recovery House, and After Care.

Key Recovery also provides family care and work training opportunities for patients.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in Key Recovery & Life Skills Center programming, individuals must have a substance use disorder, are age 18 or above, and meet ASAM level of care criteria.

Persons with mental illness, significant health conditions, or certain criminal charges will be required to provide collaborative documentation including historical information and current needs assessment. Individuals expected to experience withdrawal symptoms will be required to receive withdrawal management (detox) services prior to admission. Persons with a history of significant violence and/or registered sex offenders will not be accepted.


Key Recovery and Life Skills Center is open to individuals over the age of 18 that currently have a substance use disorder.

To apply to enroll in residential services, have your outpatient referral provider forward a current copy of your current drug and alcohol assessment for review or call our office at (206) 767-0244 and speak to our Utilization Manager.

Applicants seeking to enter treatment with their child(ren) must complete and return a Child Application Form for each child entering with their parent(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Reference our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information regarding treatment, admissions, and eligibility.


Packing List

Please refer to our packing list for guidelines on what to bring.

Packing List


If you have other questions, staff is available to help.

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Patients that are not Medicaid eligible or do not meet federal low-income requirements are charged a daily rate fee for treatment services.